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Welcome to Tram Simulator Urban Transit - get on aboard! In this game, you take on the role of a tram driver and manager in Angel Shores, the North American-themed city from the popular bus simulator game Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop. Drive 6 tram models, each boasting its distinctive style, from cutting-edge, sleek trams to those with a classic, timeless charm through the lively city with its numerous sights. Transport passengers with your trams and drive them to the numerous stops. Plan your own routes, carefully manage your timetables, and expand your tram network.


Experience Angel Shores and navigate metropolitan traffic. Drive your tram through the vibrant metropolis of Angels Shores, which is modelled on large North American cities. Experience Urban Transit first hand and take control of six different trams. Steer them safely through the traffic and get your passengers to their destination on time.

Plan versatile routes and manage timetables It's not just about driving trams; it's about strategically planning routes and timetables to optimize your transit network. Take charge, make stops, and grow your company by upgrading and expanding your tram fleet.

Play as you like!

Tram Simulator Urban Transit offers three different game modes: The story mode where 10+ missions await you. In career mode you can start right away to expand your tram company with all aspects of the game unlocked from the beginning. In sandbox mode, you can drive and plan straight away without mission constraints or financial worries. Plus, join the community in multiplayer mode, where you can collaborate and compete with fellow Tram Simulator enthusiasts.

Get Tram Simulator Urban Transit now and start your tram adventure one tram ride at a time!


Move People and Connect the City

Transport passengers through Angel Shores and drop them off at different stations. Follow traffic rules and steer your tram through the lively city.

Move people and connect the city

Unique Tram Controls

Each tram possesses a distinct driving feel, making every ride an unique experience. Learn the ropes in the "Driving School" tutorial.

Unique tram controls

Manage your Company

Create timetables, take care of new stops and the rail network. Upgrade and expand your fleet.

Manage your company

Different Game Modes

Story, career and sandbox with multiplayer option for all three modes.

Different game modes

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Connect with friends via PC cross-play (Steam & Epic Games Store) and console cross-gen support (PS5™ with PS4™ / Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One).

Cross-Platform multiplayer


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